Who We Are


In 2005, our first property Centrepoint gave us the original spirit of the brand, CP Residences. Today, we have 150 rooms & apartments across Singapore, Vietnam and Japan, all hand-picked with the spirit of being the centering point for any global traveler. Our locations are chosen with the spirit of being the “centre point” of lifestyle-living in mind, each unique property is a nexus of activity, gives you proximity to the city, and our pulsating network of lifestyle offerings.


Make short-term urban co-living affordable, accessible and awesome for the modern global traveller.

"Come step into a modern new ecosystem"

We bring the comfort of a home to you together with cleanliness, safety and convenience. Amenities and facilities that you need either within your compound or just minutes away by foot.

Here, personal privacy beautifully co-exists with social space.

Come step into a modern new economy and ecology, where co-living has a new name and also multiple addresses.

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